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Metal Processing Services offers specialised competence and solutions for the metal industry. UHT offers equipment, advanced metallurgical processes, and sophisticated process control systems based on extensive metallurgical experience, using the latest established technology, and producing quality equipment.


To ensure that the plant is running optimally, we assist customers with maintennance service for the supplied equipment. Our scope range from long- term contracts with yearly health checks and replacement of worn parts to shor-term projects for overhaul of equipment.

We also ensure that replacement parts are available and we keep a large range in stock for fast delivery.



In addition to training during the commissioning and start-up of plants supplied by us, we have the possibility to train engineers and operators at existing plants supplied by us at UHT, or others.

Our Steel Production Management System allows for quick configuration and creation of a digital twins of all common used equipment in the meltshop. These become a tool in off-line training for engineers and operators and allows for different scenarios and strategies to be tested to handle certain situations. This kind of training is typically carried out when there is an influx of new persnonnel or new process stratgies are to be implemented.


Our process specialists are ready to assist and support our customers in developing processes and production strategies. These can either be set directly through configurations in the Steel Prodiction Management System or when it comes to more complex solutions, our developers custom make add-ins to solve specific needs.

UHT also offers support packages to ensure that operators and process engineers have necessary help easily available.


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Our mission is to support advanced metal producers to refine their metal processing, increase value, and stay competitive.

Our heritage makes us understand requirements on operations to perform. We focus on stability, throughput and safety, while preparing for the future demands driven by the global transitions.

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