UHT offers products and services within metal granulation, converter refining and process control – from pilot tests to equipment automation.



UHT offers products and services within metal granulation, converter refining and process control – from pilot tests to equipment automation.

Metal granulation

The GRANSHOT process instantly transforms liquid metal into solid granules using a high-capacity water granulation process. By eliminating the traditional casting, crushing, and sieving steps, the operational cost is reduced and material yields are increased. The final granulated product is ideal for use in raw material handling systems.


Converter refining

The AOD converter is designed for innovative medium-size producers in need of tailor-made processes and equipment for steel refining. Our Hydraulic Converter Drive enables more precise movement and reduces vibrations which extend the life of your equipment. Close integration between our UTCAS process control and dynamic gas mixing station enables cost- efficient AOD process control.

The CLU Converter is UHT’s proprietary process for FeMn and FeCr refining operations. Through the use of steam, it reduces costs and provide excellent temperature control.

Aod & clu

Process control

The UTCAS steel production management system delivers operational excellence in advanced metal processing, enabled by data-driven process design, standardisation, and optimisation models. UTCAS has a proven track record of reduced gas and alloy consumptions, decreased processing time, decreased refractory wear, and improved processing flexibility and target precision.

The UTCAS system is also a fundamental part of our AOD and CLU converter supply where it enables our process engineers to find the optimal process design and evaluate operational performance. It is an andvance process control tool that supports the operator in every heat and enables a processing characterised by high stability and excelent performance.

Utcas process control
Gas mixing station

The UHT gas mixing station is designed with high quality measurement and gas control equipment to ensure accurate and repeatable converter refining. Each process gas has its own control loop to allow any mix of gases.
The stations come pre-built and fully factory tested to ensure a smoooth switch.

UHT has developed a solution for converter tilting where the converter is tilted with a hydraulic drive unit and a separate power-pack unit. This leads to that a a mechanical gearbox ia no longer needed. The hydraulic drive is implemented by UHT on new converters and during revamps as replacement of electromechanical drives on existing converters.

UHT designs the converter vessel according to the stainless steel or ferroalloy producer’s specific requirements and processes.

Service-level agreement

In our R&D facilities we can run many types of metalurgical pilot tests on a scale up to 350 kg.
Processed material can either be granulated in the integrated GRANSHOT or cast into ingots.

We offer engineering and design services for revamps and new investments in the steel and ferroalloy industry.

Based on extensive metallrugical experience, our process specialists can assist with optmization and strategies in all aspects of the meltshop.

Our Steel Production Management System allows for quick configuration and creation of a digital twin of all common used equipment in the meltshop. The twin can be used for offline training on equipment as well as a smooth commissioning.

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