Metal granulation


The GRANSHOT process transforms liquid metal into solid granules instantly using a high-capacity water granulation process. By eliminating traditional casting, crushing and sieving steps, the operational cost is reduced and material yields are increased. The final granulated product is ideal for use in metals processing raw material handling systems.


The optimal choice for handling liquid metal in a safe, environmentally friendly, and economical way

GRANSHOT® benefits

  • Liquid metal to solid granules in 30 seconds.
    Fast processing – the granules are ready to use within 30 seconds with a close to 100% process yield, and capacity of up to 360 tons/hour.

  • Homogenous metal granules with low oxide content.
    The high bulk density allows fast dissolution and melting.

  • Compact unit size.
    The granule shape is excellent for raw material handling via conveyor belts, magnets, front-end loaders, bin systems, and skips.

GRANSHOT® for metal producers

The GRANSHOT granulation process converts excess liquid metal into granules by immediate solidification in water. The ready–to–use bulk material, is produced directly from liquid metal, producing little to no fume emissions or dust. The GRANSHOT® configuration is tailor-made for each application.

Integrated steelmaking

Integrated steelmaking

In integrated steelmaking, the GRANSHOT® process is used to handle excess iron. The GRANSHOT unit provides an outlet for hot metal, optimizing the stability of the iron making process which is highly beneficial for campaign life as well as raw material consumption. Compared to pig casting machines (PCMs), the GRANSHOT unit has a smaller footprint and requires less labour and maintenance.



The GRANSHOT® granulation process is suitable for granulating ferroalloys and is used as a standard operation for many ferroalloy producers. Most metals are suitable for granulation.

The granulated ferroalloy is an attractive alloying material to use in any metallurgical process. The granules show properties such as chemical homogeneity, minimum oxide content, and low content of fines. The size and shape of the granules result in excellent feeding properties, which in turn govern compact storage, easy handling, and precise dosage.

The GRANSHOT process offers a practical and economical way of handling the liquid metal for the ferroalloy producer. The process is run at a low cost, considering operation as well as maintenance, and has a metal yield close to 100 %.

Metal recycling

Metal recycling

Due to today’s better collection systems and stricter environmental legislatives more valuable metals are recycled. The GRANSHOT® process is excellent for handling the recycled liquid metal as well as creating a good and manageable product for transport and further use. Pilot testing can be conducted at our R&D facility for material analysis. Examples of recycling areas are dust from the metallurgical industry, waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), and hazardous waste.

Increase the effectivness of the industry

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Trusted solutions

UHT has made close to 50 GRANSHOT® installations in the iron, steel, ferroalloy and metal recycling industries.

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